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Marketing Fiction

I run into people all the time who want to write a novel, kind of like this recent Doonesbury cartoon… Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau The ironic thing is that the vast majority of books published every year are non-fiction. The … Continue reading

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As an author I’ve faced my share of setbacks.  I have a drawer full of rejection letters from publishers.  I’ve lost work from computer issues or more often from my own mistakes like forgetting to save my work. And I … Continue reading

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Ads on Kindle

Yesterday, Amazon announced a new version of its popular Kindle e-reader, where in exchange for a $25 price break the device’s screen saver shows ads (ahem, “special offers”) instead of portraits of notable authors.  Gizmag has a great write-up all … Continue reading

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How To: Format a Document for the Kindle

IO9 is one of my weekly stop-by sites for speculative fiction, and recently they reprinted an amazing little nugget from Business Insider for any writer who’d like to see their work on a Kindle.  With easy step-by-step instructions, they shared … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Future of Publishing

Technology Review recently published a very interesting article on the Four Principles for Crafting Your Innovation Strategy.  Using the home movie rental business as a case study, TR shows how companies like Blockbuster are suffering due to their lack of … Continue reading

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Links to Old Posts

I got to thinking how new readers might like to look at old posts of mine.  Yeah, I know… yet it’s possible! But that brought up a bit of a challenge.  Either I’ll have to leave my old blog up, … Continue reading

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