Okay, to keep myself clear of any legal entanglements here are my disclaimers…

– This website, blog, and all content wherewithinish is intended to be informational and entertaining.  I hope I’m right.  I hope I’m interesting.  I might not be.  The good thing is, that since I’ve disclaimed, you can’t sue me.  Na-nana-nana-na!

– It’s my opinion and not anyone else’s.  I’m not sure why I’d need to say that, since I learned (at like 4-years-old) people have opinions and they’re not necessarily shared by others.  But for those of you who haven’t figured out the rest of us shouldn’t have to duck from the world revolving around you, I’ve said it.  I speak for me, not anyone else.  Sheesh!

– Wait a minute… I’ve changed my mind.  No wait, I’ve changed it back.  Yep, changing my mind is a right I claim… for now.  I hope that gray thing between my ears gets smarter, and if so I can say or do things a little better and maybe even fix some stuff I’ve said or written in the past.

– Privacy, that illusion of doing whatever you want without anyone ever knowing. HA!  But, guess what, I respect both your privacy, and your illusion of it.  I’ll never give out any personal information to Big Brother, the Gestapo, The Man, or my dozens of fans.  But just remember anything you post is out there for the world to see.

– Last, my dream is to make a living as a writer.  That means I need to either sell stuff, be it my stuff or somebody else’s.  That said, I’ll link to products from time to time where I might get a slight commission.  Believe me, it ain’t much.  You have my word that if I link to it, it’s going to be something I know and like.