Short Stories by EDC

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No Greater Love

After the Hornets took away everything, Amanda Keller joined the Terran Space Navy for one thing only… vengeance.   But her new gun crew shows her that only something greater can take the pain away.   And there’s nothing greater than love. 3rd Place Winner – Firebynite Summer 2005 Fiction Contest


To 14-year-old Seamus O’Neil, running away always seemed like the best way to handle any problem.  That is, until he joined his parents on an ill-fated planetary survey of Corvus 2267.  There, humanity’s first contact with alien life quickly turns nasty, and Seamus soon finds himself in one precarious situation after another.  As he journeys through a vast interstellar civilization on a quest to find his family and to return home, he begins to learn there are some things you can never run away from.


Set during chapters 3-6 of Runaway, this short story fills in gaps of a main character’s absence. Due to spoilers, the author would not suggest reading this story until after completely reading Runaway.


While the world celebrates the success of the first manned interstellar mission, the crew of the Destiny is learning a horrible truth: they weren’t first.  And unfortunately for them, someone doesn’t want that bit of information to get out.  Forgotten is a short story published on my blog in installments throughout the fall of 2010 and published in the online magazine The Cross & The Cosmos.  Download The Cross & The Cosmos – Issue 8 to read in its entirety. 

Revelators  – Issue 1

The near-future and the end times collide on the first issue of the comic series, Revelators. Jude, Siri, and Tarsus are just young people trying to make life work, but then comes the event everyone mocks and no one believes will ever arrive. But a great mystery is afoot to change them, their lives, and the lives of all they meet forever.

Ghost Hunt

Two time travelers return to 2011 hoping to learn from the past. Hopefully they won’t change it.