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Taking a Short Break

I usually write my posts a few weeks in advance, and it’s taken awhile for my blogging life to finally catch up with my real life.  And boy, what a wild few weeks it has been! Three weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Star Trek Facts

Well, how about this… right after seeing a fact sheet on Firefly, I came across this one for Star Trek over at Graph Jam…  The line about the glue is hilarious! What’s your favorite fact?  EDC

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Marketing Fiction

I run into people all the time who want to write a novel, kind of like this recent Doonesbury cartoon… Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau The ironic thing is that the vast majority of books published every year are non-fiction. The … Continue reading

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FireFly Facts

Saw this recently on Cool Infographics… a trivia page on one of my all time favorite TV shows, Firefly.  If you’ve never seen this masterpiece, you owe it to yourself to queue up or pick up this sci-fi western and then … Continue reading

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Everyone takes pride in their work, but I think a creative person can take it a step further. There is something about being creative that is intensely personal. It’s not just a song or a painting or a novel, it’s … Continue reading

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Favorite Rice

My good friend David sent me this one… too funny!  EDC

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NASA Science Fiction

Wired recently reported that NASA has entered into an agreement with Tor publishing to create a line of science fiction books inspired by NASA.  The goal, supposedly, is to encourage new generations to aspire to hard science careers. Says Nona Cheeks, the director … Continue reading

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Know your Audience

Authors always have to keep their audience in mind. Unfortunately, audiences always change, especially when you target young adults like I do. One thing that really helps me keep my audience in clear focus is reading the yearly Mindset List, … Continue reading

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Pit Stop

Saw this funny Star Wars-inspired comic recently… enjoy! The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn

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In the front of most every book there is a dedication. Usually, it’s a message of thanks to close family or friends and sometimes to supportive fans. To most readers, this is a page they skip over with just a cursory glance. To … Continue reading

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