What Traffic Signs Really Mean

GraphJam has a pretty humorous infographic on what traffic signs really mean.  …And it has a serious speculative fiction theme to it.  I don’t think I’ll look at traffic signs the same way again.

What additions would you make to this graphic?

Enjoy, EDC

funny graphs - The World Is More Dangerous Than I Thought!

About EDC

EDC is an award-winning author with a passion for telling imaginative stories resonating with universal truths. His latest novel, Runaway, is a futuristic action/adventure inspired by the book of Philemon. EDC was born in Georgia, growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, where he now lives with his wife, Amy, and daughter, Emma. Besides writing and being employed as an analyst in the airline industry, he has worked as a volunteer with youth, church planting, and Compassion International. He enjoys landscape gardening, listening to alternative rock, and playing the swordfight game on Wii Sports Resort.
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5 Responses to What Traffic Signs Really Mean

  1. Purple Chimp says:

    Paedo bear! Love it! Somehow that one reminds me of that old skiing game where you are chased by a yeti. Good times.

  2. hilarious, i particularly like the dragon one 🙂

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  4. Janet says:

    I like it. Of course you must be in England, and I in America. I have a take on the true meaning of traffic signs here, which is based on what drivers actually do: Stop signs – slow down; yield signs – speed up. It’s not funny, but true.

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