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Hunting for Exoplanets

This week NatGeo posted an interesting article about a recently published study estimating the number of Earth-sized planets in our galaxy. Researchers used data provided by the Kepler Space Telescope, which is currently peering at a group of 156,000 stars. The thinking goes that if these … Continue reading

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Private Spaceflight Taking Off

Wired posted an article recently about how scientists are among the first in line to get tickets on privately-owned spacecraft.  Not only that, they are writing up ground-breaking — or maybe better said, sky-breaking — contracts with the fledgling industry for multiple … Continue reading

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Fighting Pre-Crime

In the 2002 movie Minority Report,  police make use of ‘precogs’ – people with the ability to dream of crime before it happens – to arrest suspects for wrongs they have yet to commit.  This works well, even driving down … Continue reading

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Links to Old Posts

I got to thinking how new readers might like to look at old posts of mine.  Yeah, I know… yet it’s possible! But that brought up a bit of a challenge.  Either I’ll have to leave my old blog up, … Continue reading

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