Photos of Lunar Landing Sites

Some recently released photos from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera may finally, hopefully, but doubtfully put to rest some of the lingering conspiracy theories that the moon landings were faked. Most people take our landings as fact, but if you type in “fake moon landing” on your browser, you’ll be amazed at all the supposed “proof” being offered that Hollywood and not NASA pulled off the Apollo missions.

In the past NASA and other scientists have taken the time to refute the main points most hoaxers bring up. But this might be the best proof of all.  In the photos below you can see equipment and footprints all over the Apollo 17 landing site, matching precisely with the missions.  Of course, hoaxers will say these photos were faked too.

Check out the write-up at Gizmag, including more photos and a video released by NASA.


The Apollo 17 landing site, as photographed by LROC

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