Google+ and Writers

It may not seem like it, but just like any other author, I have a life outside of writing. I have a day job; I have friends and family; I have hobbies; I’m involved in my church and community; I attend my daughter’s school events, dramas, and recitals. I’m just like you or anyone else.

The problem is that also like any other author, I have this whole public side that I try to keep separate.  I have both private and public emails; I have private and public facebook accounts; I maintain two blogs – this one and another that is private for a group of friends. And like anyone who does all this, it can get tough keeping up with it all.

Enter Google+

I recently joined Google+ and I got to say I really like it. It feels like facebook, but it has a distinction that may make my life and the lives of everyone a bit easier.  Unlike facebook where one post goes out to all your friends, in Google+ you can segregate your friends into “circles” and make different posts to different circles, unseen by the rest.

I’m still looking into it, but I’m thinking that I can easily manage personal and public with one Google+ account. I can post to everyone regarding my writing endeavors and then focus in to just family and close friends for more personal matters.

I recommend giving it a try, and when you do, please look me up!


P.S.  Here are some good articles I’ve run across concerning Google+:

About EDC

EDC is an award-winning author with a passion for telling imaginative stories resonating with universal truths. His latest novel, Runaway, is a futuristic action/adventure inspired by the book of Philemon. EDC was born in Georgia, growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, where he now lives with his wife, Amy, and daughter, Emma. Besides writing and being employed as an analyst in the airline industry, he has worked as a volunteer with youth, church planting, and Compassion International. He enjoys landscape gardening, listening to alternative rock, and playing the swordfight game on Wii Sports Resort.
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