Recently I came across a delightful YouTube channel by whoiseyevan (aka Ivan Guerrero) called Premakes.  His tag line is “What if movies were made before they were made?”, and Ivan does exactly that. Using clips from classic films, he pieces together movie trailers as if movies like Up and Raiders of the Lost Ark had originally been made long ago.

According to his information link, he never really set out to make such a popular video channel.  He was just trying to show off his talents in order to find a job in the movie business.  Hopefully, he will find a great gig and also get to keep making these trailers.

One thing I really appreciate is that he’s also included versions with side-by-side comparisons with the real trailers, showing how he matched the scenes and with comments on where he got the clips.

For a master page with links to all, please click here.

Which is your favorite?

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