Tron: Legacy – A Three Part Review (Part 1 – The Good)

Over the holidays my dad and I went to see Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3-D. If you read my  Speculative Fiction Christmas wish list, you know how hopeful I was for this movie. After all, the original Tron was ahead of its time with its depiction of avatars, use of computer animation, and tackling philosophical questions about what defines life. Plus I was 13 when Tron came out, the perfect age for such a movie, and it definitely had an impact.

So what did I like about it?

Besides the numerous trailers released over the past few years, my first real taste of this movie was the soundtrack by Daft Punk — the French duo who must be so ugly they are forced to wear helmets. Successfully combining techno beats and classical scoring, it is a very strong element in the movie. Upon reflection I think I’ve enjoyed it more than the film! By the way, as of this writing the MP3 Album is less than $5 over at Amazon.

The visuals were astounding. In a stylistic move, the producers filmed the “real world” in awashed out 2-D, while the computer world was in a more vibrant and subtle 3-D. And, of course, the whole process where Jeff Bridges — who also plays the villain — is made to look almost 30 years younger is amazing.

In my next post I will share what I found to be weaknesses with the movie.

So, what do you think? What was the good about Tron: Legacy?

About EDC

EDC is an award-winning author with a passion for telling imaginative stories resonating with universal truths. His latest novel, Runaway, is a futuristic action/adventure inspired by the book of Philemon. EDC was born in Georgia, growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, where he now lives with his wife, Amy, and daughter, Emma. Besides writing and being employed as an analyst in the airline industry, he has worked as a volunteer with youth, church planting, and Compassion International. He enjoys landscape gardening, listening to alternative rock, and playing the swordfight game on Wii Sports Resort.
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1 Response to Tron: Legacy – A Three Part Review (Part 1 – The Good)

  1. I haven’t seen this one yet, but it sounds like the visuals and special effects far exceed the original Tron.

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