I got an e-reader, so what do I do with all my books?

If you’re like zillions of other folks, you either got a Kindle or an iPad this Christmas — or you went out and got an e-reader right after.  I’ve been saving my money for one, and just this week I purchased a Kindle. The idea of being able to lug around 3,500 books in a half-pound device, PLUS being able to take notes along with so many other features did it for me.

But now as I type, I look over at the hundreds of books I own, sitting on the shelves over my desk.  I’m pretty good about passing along books and only holding onto those I really want to keep.  The thing is, I don’t want to buy them all over again, and some are old and obscure enough they may never find their way into a digital format.  So what to do?

Lucky for us, Ion Audio, the fine folks famous for making those turn tables and cassette players that can convert old albums to mp3’s, have been showing off their latest creation at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With the Book Saver Book Scanner (pictured below) a 200-page book or magazine supposedly can be scanned in 15 minutes.

For a complete review including videos, check out the write-up at Gizmag.

What do you think? Cheers or jeers?

The camera frame is placed on top of the publication, pressing the button snaps the images...

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1 Response to I got an e-reader, so what do I do with all my books?

  1. That’s a nice gadget. I’m loving my Kindle. Hopefully, I won’t need to add a new bookshelf anytime soon.

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